Medical LEGOs, Victor Ty, RN, Amie Ty, RN

Victor and Amie Ty (RNs) have designed and created a LEGO model of the linear accelerator and the HDR (high dose radiation) Afterloader, two machines used for cancer radiation therapy everyday in hospitals. These prototypes are used as teaching tools for pediatric and adult patients alike. Tinker with their prototypes and then learn how to build your own!

Neonatal ICU / Respiratory Therapy CPAP Hats, Alok Bhutada, MD, Tatyana Nazarenko, RRT and Team

Custom design CPAP hats with tubing attachments designed to improve patient outcomes in the NICU.

Knitting Looms on the Unit, Victor Ty, Robin Gitman, Academic Affairs staff

Learn how hospital staff across Maimonides are using portable knitting looms to make custom apparel for the NICU.

App Inventor, Elizabeth Phillips, MIT

Become a mobile app programer today! At this station, you’ll create your own Android phone all with MIT’s easy-to-use App Inventor tool and learn how you can leverage cell phones to solve a multitude of health care problems.

Custom Made Medical Training Tools, Jyothshna Bayya, MD

Come see the Obstetrics-suture board and c-section bellies used for training in the Maimonides Simulation Lab. These devices were designed and made by Jyothshna Bayya, MD, Obstetrician-Gynecologist and team at Maimonides Medical Center.

MakerNurse Technology Crash Cart, MakerNurse Team

The MakerNurse Technology Crash Cart is filled with novel and affordable prototyping materials customized for nurses. The cart provides on-demand access to prototyping materials for nurses across the hospital. It includes materials for mold making, sewing, vinyl cutting and custom electronics.

DIY Squishy Circuit, Nikolas Albarran, MIT

Making play-dough creatures is fun, but making them with light-up eyes and moving parts is even more enjoyable. We thought it would be better still if we could make the circuitry out of the dough itself! Using recipes from AnnMarie Thomas of Maker Education Initiative and the University of St. Thomas, you’ll learn how to make circuits with homemade dough!

MakerNurse Patient Room, Kelly Reilly, RN, Paula Delfino, RN, Janet Williams, RN, Margaret Sosnowski, RN, Marcia Hodge, RN, Viktoryia Fridman, RN, Merlita Casem Salamat, RN, Joy Garrido, RN

Maimonides Community of Nurse Scholars have documented examples of MakerNurse solutions through out the hospital. We’ll simulate these solutions from the bedside and together brainstorm ways to share these solutions through out the system!

History of Making in Nursing, Anna Young and Jose Gomez-Marquez, MIT

Nurses have been making in health since they entered the healthcare profession. Incredible and elegant examples of making were collected by the American Journal of Nursing from 1940-1964. We’ll have replicas of the mid-century nurse prototypes along with their stories, including custom bags for drainage containers, thermometer cases, life-saving uses for ketchup bottles and analog RN status updates for patients.

NYSCI’s Pop Up! Makerspace at Maimonides Medical Center, David Wells, Reid Bingham, Janella Watson and Nancy Portillo

Hand Sewing
Make a friend, literally! Learn the basics of traditional hand sewing techniques such as the whip stitch. Then design and sew your very own stuffed animal, pillow, monster creation thing!

Paper Circuits
Use simple everyday materials to learn basic circuitry. Design and create your very own LED name tag, a birthday card for that special someone or anything else you can dream up with the materials.

Large Scale building Area
Build a structure bigger then yourself out of PVC Pipes, fabric and cardboard. Climb in and imagine the possibilities…

Making Connections, Kelly Reilly, Robin Gitman, Staff from Academic Affairs, Lenia Batas, Staff from Child Life

Participants’ Connection board allows us to visually display connections to people and ideas coming from the Maimonides Medical Center Mini Maker Faire! Who did you meet and what are you going to make together?